Our new blog site–www.vagabonandave.com

Hello All,


We have a brand new website–our own domain name, with videos, much prettier pictures, and much better control over what we are writing.


Please go to http://www.vagabonandave.com to follow us going forward.  We will not be using this site as the new one is way better!


See you on the new site!


Dave and Bonnie


2 thoughts on “Our new blog site–www.vagabonandave.com

  1. Super pics and nice simple layout. I love the map where I can follow your adventures. It looks like you are taking your time along the way… I hope I would see you in Guanacaste,Costa Rica, but we are leaving for 6 months on the 11/3 to St Cezaire (do you remember?). Mind you, with a little luck, that’s what it will take you to reach our place, and we’ll see you when we are back! Love. Take care my friends!

    • Hey, so sorry we’re going to miss you. We aren’t going to get any farther than Guatemala on this trip. Dave has to be back in Puerto Vallarta on April 5 for some doctor appointments (nothing serious but medical stuff is way cheaper in Mexico) so that takes us back up north. Drat! Thanks for following our blog and hope to catch up with you two one of these days. Let’s keep in touch! Bonnie and Dave too

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